The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Okay, I come!

This post comes with instructions....COME TO TAOS! This weekend, there's a lovely new event taking place and I am sooooooooo glad that I was invited to be a part of it!

Here's more instructions....LOOK FOR THIS BOOTH!

Really, look for this booth at the Taos Convention's mine and, if you can come to Taos this weekend, you will find this booth all set up and stuffed with my handwoven yardage, stoles, blankets, scarves and Raggy Cat Pin Cushions!

There is so much for going on at this event that you just can't MISS it!

Make your plans, not just to see so me....though that would be FUN,

But to see the whole event:
April 20th, 21st and 22nd
Taos Fiber Marketplace
Taos Convention Center 
Friday andSaturday, 9-6 
Sunday, 9-2

Here's the link to their website:

Okay, here MORE instructions.....if you see this face...come say "HI" ! ! ! ! !
My sciatica is getting better every day now and I'm looking forward to this event....I'll be very careful with moving boxes and setting up and will do my best to be healthy enough to weave when I get back to the studio!

I hope to see you there and, until later, I'm sending those Miles and Miles of Smiles!!!!!

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  1. Cat,

    That is a really nice smile! I hope you have a great time in Taos. I would love to be there. Perhaps some year. It's one of my favorite parts of the country.