The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.

My Fun This-N-Thats

These little handwoven treasures are great as gifts, wonderful for small sewing projects like purses, collar and cuffs on a jacket, hand towel for your guest bath, table runner and some are large enough to make a summer top or an fashion accent piece like a small scarf.
This is one piece of fabric! It's from my Desert Daze Series and all these colors run from one end to the other in a delightful array of the colors I see outside my studio windows here in my high mountain desert home.

This fabric appears just as I weave it...the sky on my left and the earth on my right. This is a rather heavy weight fabric piece and would make a wonderful table runner!

This This-N-That measures 36.5" selvedge to selvedge, is 13.5" wide and is 100% Cotton. It has already been machine washed and dried to bring about it's maximum's ready to sew!

The price is$15.58 plus shipping.

I can accept checks through snail mail and will ship when the check clears. Another option is for me to send you an invoice via email for paying through PayPal. Or, to see this item in my Etsy Shop at lightning speed, go to
Here's another has had quite a traveling adventure and now you can see it also in my Etsy Shop. Even with all the different wefts woven in, it still have a lovely hand and would be great as a garment piece.

The measurements of this lovely fun piece are 21" wide and 36" selvedge to selvedge. It is easy care and 75% Cotton and 25% Rayon...this was such fun to read and can be seen elsewhere on my blog with photos that show it in progress!

You can see it in "The Story of This-N-Thats".

Here is what you can go to see this piece in my Etsy shop at:

Thanks so much for visiting my This-N-That page! I'll be adding new ones and changing listings as I have sales, so come look for new stuff!


This fabric is SOLD!
Okay, now I have This-N-Thats from just about all of my looms. But, I am noticing that I have many that I weave on Stanley.

The one to left is such an example.  There is something about putting colors on black and charcoal warp, and that's why these are such funfunfun.

This piece can be seen in my Etsy Shop, showing all the details until I get them over here on my blog. Go to it instantly at:

This piece is priced at $39.35 and I can take a check sent to me snail mail or I can accept credit cards if you email me and I send you an invoice through PayPal.

Thanks so much for your interest.

You can read about some of my adventures and get more details about fabric from Stanley elsewhere on my blog....pages to the right near the top, under the heading "The Work...with a little help from my loom friends...".  Just click on Stanley.  I love weaving on that loom, so smooth, so fast, 12 harnesses of fun!
Here's another beauty from Stanley! There's just something so creative and intuitive about weaving these 'event fabrics'...I just can't resist weaving them and enjoying every minute! The price of this piece is $24.81, plus shipping.

This piece of fabric measures 37.5" from selvedge to selvedge and I have 17" of it. It could become a part of your art in a jacket or a pillow cover or even a table decoration. This fabric is cotton, rayon, nylon and Lurex and is machine wash/dry easy care.

More details can be seen in my Etsy Shop and you can be there in a flash by clicking on the caption of the photo directly above.

If you would prefer contacting me directly and not going through Etsy, just email me or leave a comment at the bottom of this This-N-That page. I can accept check sent via snail mail or I can send an invoice via email for payments by credit card through PayPal.

Thanks for visiting my This-N-That page!

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