The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.


 Look what I'm weaving on Stanley now!!

I just love this pattern....I wrote the pattern myself..
This is the pattern that is woven unto the warp shown below.
Here is an update on Stanley! I now am weaving Desert Daze on Stanley!

This is a 12-Harness Shadow Weave and I really enjoy having SOOOOOOOOOO much variety! As with all Desert Daze, this fabric is created using colors on "sand". These are the colors I see outside my studio windows at different times of day and on different days.

To repeat my thoughts here....the earth colors are on my right and on my left....the sky....

Right now, one of my helpers is measuring off another 70-yard Daze warp for me as I only have a yard and a half of this warp after filling orders some months ago.

I have written this Shadow Weave draft because I couldn't find any 12-Harness shadow and I have written all of the treadling drafts as well...and I love them ALL!

This writing below talks about Stanley's past since I acquired the loom:

My 'friend' Stanley is going through a change! I want to design a new 12-Harness Bronson Lace flower for weaving on the loom I named Stanley, and until I do, I am going to have some different fun on this loom. Here's just a glimpse of the beginning of Stanley's new adventure...

Yes, it a natural indigo dyed 20/2 unmercerized cotton that I have had for quite some time in one of my many cabinets. This lovely color comes to be from the talented hands of Glenna Dean of Abiqui, New Mexico!

Let your eyes feast of this, too...

Okay, so what am I planning to do with this lovely color and thread?


I will weave a 'classic' denim first and then, I asked myself...
"Why does the weft thread HAVE to be white?"

Why can't it be purple?
Why can't it be green?
Why can't it be yellow?

Below is a photo of my 'friend' Stanley!  I wove a 12-Harness Bronson Lace yardage that I wrote myself called "Cat 's Bloom".  $31-52/yd.  Colors can be ANYthing on charcoal gray/black.  This fabric is very popular for all-season tops, shirts and jackets.  The fiber content is the cotton charcoal/black marl and I can weave on that with cotton, rayon, linen, raw silk, bamboo, nylon or any combinations thereof!

Stanley, another one of those 40" weaving width Macombers, is fast and efficient and can be a bit of a workout with those 12 harnesses to lift, but I love watching the fell move up fast and the fabric grow by the hour!  And, the workout keeps me healthy!

About all those 12 harnesses and Bronson Lace....for the weavers out there who might want to put Bronson on your higher-harness-count loom... you know that the main property of Bronson Lace is that every other thread across your entire warp is on Harness #1 and, to make plain weave (or joke!) you have to alternate between Harness #1, which is easy to lift, and EVERY other harness, 2 through 12, ALL AT ONCE!  But, this can be made so much easier by raising #2 and pressing any other 'lace' treadle simultaneously to help lift all that weight (in this design, I press "G" because it has the most other tie-ups on it!).  This works well, makes the whole affair seem less of an effort AND takes some stress off of Treadle #2!  Most importantly, however, from an ergonomic standpoint, it helps keep your body balanced  by using more of your 'lace leg' during the weaving of every inch....does all this make sense?  Let me know if this needs to be clarified and I'll respond.

In my page about Margaret, I've written about how I do 'event fabrics' and, though I weave a lot of them on Margaret, I started doing them first on Stanley!

The tray full of shuttles tells the whole story and this is the set-up I used to weave the 'event fabric' that is seen in the top photo above.

This is a close-up of a fabric that I submitted to the last HGA's Convergence Yardage Exhibit in 2010.  It was rejected, but I will keep trying in hopes of being accepted again sometime!

Well, with Stanley, I've come to the end of my 'friends' list.  I put the list in alphabetical order to keep there from being any 'rivalries' starting up...yes, I am kidding....of course, I am.  I feel so fortunate to have them all and to have the space to keep them altogether in Creations Studio!

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