The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.


This is a close-up of a commission called "Sara's Harvest".

The photo to right is of one of my 'event fabrics' and they take more time, but are worth it. They are very engaging while weaving them and the effects, after machine washing and machine drying is usually quite spectacular!

This fabric is popular for tops, skirts and shoulder scarves and is a very 'fluid' fabric...I think of rayon as "the water fiber" anyway and this fabric is just like that.  It's lovely to wear.

I weave an 8-Harness Huck Lace yardage on Margaret.
$35-$42/yd.  Margaret is so easy, fast, dependable and

And...also...I'm a fast, old weaver!

I acquired Margaret from a dear weaver who was the first and only owner and took the utmost care of her.  I started weaving on her almost as soon as I got her, and put a 20/2 rayon warp on her which was inspired by the rayon scarves that I had been weaving for years on Arlene!

To look in my booth where I have everything set up all at one time, you can see all of Margaret's yardage in all it's glory!

Then is when you will know that Margaret is my chameleon.  All of this variety comes from the fact that I only put on 30ish yard lengths of warp on her until the last few, which number in the 60 yard range.  Colors change rapidly, so ask for what's currently available.  I can send photos!

I love using one shuttle to weave on Margaret and can easily do a yard an hour.  My favorite fabric to weave on a lot of my looms I call 'event fabrics'.  In these I use many shuttles as can be seen in the photo at right where there's 'events' happening every inch! These are the fabrics that are in the $42 range because they take soooo much longer to weave!

I have had as many as 17 shuttles going in a yardage. As can be seen in the photo above, I need an extra table to hold all my shuttles!  This way, I can easily keep them in order (adds to accuracy!) and I am able to pick them up quickly.

I had a lovely lady visit my booth once and tell me she loved my fabrics but could not 'wear the stripes horizontally'.  So I got to thinking.... and decided to sew a little skirt for myself that could also hang in my booth and show....TURN THAT FABRIC ANY WAY YOU WANT!
So now, when I'm in my booth, I try to always wear something that I wove and made it into something! This is the resulting skirt from my change in philosophy!

Now I'm a walking billboard.....only not so big!

I'll have to get a photo of me wearing it...if I can stand still long enough!

Okay, it's about 2 weeks later, and Jim helped me get this shot as we were going out on a date! I can always stand still for him!

NOW, I'm a walking billboard!

Thanks for reading...


  1. When you take or get the photo of you wearing the skirt...take one of Margaret as well so we can all see. I really enjoy seeing all your friend looms dressed.

  2. Hi, Felipa! Yes, I will take a full photo of Margaret and also once of myself wearing that skirt. It was so comfortable ti wear in my booth and it's easy as wash-n-wear! I will have some weaving on Margaret in a few more days...right now I'm working on orders because I like to have a fast turn-around on those! Thanks for writing! Happy Weaving, Cat B.