The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.


This is an update to what I weave on Hazle. I have such a high demand for my thicker, heavier fabrics and little interest in my light and airy fabrics, so I have converted Hazle's warp to 8/2 cotton for 8-Harness Huck Lace Hearts. I also weave with 8/2 cotton as well as cotton slubs and boucles.

This is one of my 70 yards "batches" of Hearts on Black.

I really enjoy weaving this draft. It is fast moving and down-right FUN!

I miss weaving my very light fabrics, but I am enjoying this production because I still get to weave what I want.

These hearts are my creation, they are original and are not a 'copy' of anyone else's work.

This is some of the 'Hearts' fabrics woven on Hazle. They are being processed to get ready for shipping!

I weave up to the very end of one warp and then one of my helpers will dummy-on and I weave again! No waste here!

I weave several fabrics in my order and then mail them off with other fabrics from other loom!

Here's my current fabric on Hazle (in October of 2014), of Hearts on White!

In the text below, I share my history with Hazle and how I started with her:
Here's my 'friend' Hazle.  I weave an 8-Harness Bronson Lace on her that I wrote myself ( I love writing Bronson!) called "Squash Blossoms & Beetles".  The usual color is a natural or honey-colored because the warp is 80% Tencil and 20% Silk.  The sheen and softness are just wonderful!

I have hardly woven any yardage on Hazle, as she is my latest acquisition.  I wove 6 yards to have on display and sale at Convergence and, even priced at $49/yd, sold out the first day.  Hazle is a dream to weave on and, with a 48" weaving width, I restrict my time on her each day to no more than 2 hours, because of the reaching length!
The photo to left shows the close-up of the Tencil (or lyocel) and silk warp with 20/2 White Rayon woven in.  The 20/2 actually is a better spacing for the shape that I was going for in designing the Blossoms.

I really like the effect that the rayon has on this warp and plan to weave in some colors using the small rayon in the near future. The natural version of these 2 close-up photos was taken while the fabric was laying on top of a black fabric to help the pattern pop out.

This photo shows the same warp with exactly the same fibers woven in. I rarely weave the same weft as warp, but, traditionally, that is how lace should be, I guess, so I've done that.

I also plan to weave in some 60/2 Silk from the most talented silk dyers in the world, Redfish Dye Works (go visit them at  These fabrics should be simply spectacular.  I will have to change my count on the draft to create the blossom at the size/shape that I want, but it'll be worth it!

Hazle is also in my plans and dreams to create a fabric to submit to the HGA's Convergence Yardage Exhibit.  There are so many entries and I can only hope that I can be chosen again next time!

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