The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.

My Desert Rose Scarves

Here they are...those light and airy, lovely scarves that are probably the most common handwoven object in the world!

My scarves are all woven on my loom called Arlene and that loom can be seen on my page "Arlene".

I am honored to have won the HGA Award for these scarves.

They are very fine, light, intricate, lacey and such a joy for me to weave!

The scarf pictured at left is 50% Hand-dyed Silk and 50% Rayon. It has the design on a desert rose that I modified an existing draft....this draft later was rewritten and appears in fabrics from Hazle (see her under "Hazle" in my page row). 
This Desert Rose Scarf is 9" wide and 64.5" long including the hand-twisted fringe.

This scarf has been machine washed and machine dried and, though it is not ironed in the photo at left, I recommend ironing to bring out a lovely sheen on the surface.

This scarf is priced at $94.80 plus shipping and can also be seen in my Etsy Shop by clicking on the photo caption. Email me or leave a comment here for exact cost with shipping. I can accept checks sent snail mail or contact me to send an invoice for receiving payment by credit card through PayPal.

Here I have another one of my scarves. This scarf was woven back when I still owned a Gilmore which has gone to live elsewhere.

This scarf is 100% Rayon and has such a lovely drape. It is not of such fine little threads as my more recent scarves, but it is still a gem.

The fringe is hand-twisted, the scarf is easy care by machine washing and machine drying.

All of my textiles come with care instructions attached to lend confidence in caring for this handwoven original.

The measurements of this scarf are:
8.5" wide and 68" long including the fringe.
This scarf is priced at $45.00 plus shipping. Email me or leave a comment here for exact amount of shipping and I'll get that information promptly.

I can accept checks sent via snail mail or I can send you an invoice via email for payment by credit card through PayPal.

I don't plan on listing this scarf in my Etsy Shop, but will offer it only here on my blog.

Thank you so much for visiting my handwoven scarves...I'll be adding more soon!

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