The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.

Friday, April 10, 2015

~ April ~ A Time For The Winds of Change ~

I have changed some things is the studio.

1) I have made more room by selling off a LOT of threads that I am no longer going to use to weave.
2) I have helpers now......and it's wonderful!
3) I have started planning and weaving blankets.....which I never really abandoned, but never seem to have time to weave.
4) I will "hire out" my twisted fringe, so I have more time to weave.....I love fringe but didn't always put it on my blankets because it takes a LOT of time.
5) I am not weaving scarves anymore.....the few I have in my little Etsy Shop is all I will ever have!
6) I have made so much room on my Studio shelves, that I have a place for know the joke about "The one who dies with the biggest stash, WINS"......well I will NOT win. (See #1.)
7) I have rearranged just about every job on every loom.

Growth, downsizing, changing, streamlining, is good.......never standing still....

Hey......Look around at your work could YOU make it work better for you?

I'm sending out thoughts of good change, improvements and Miles and Miles of Smiles....... Cat B.