The Weaver's Dance

On a loom that whispers, with shuttles that fly
And bobbins that chatter as the hours go by
I'll not lay in one thread of mere chance
As I work in the motion of the weaver's dance.

Desert Daze and Desert Nights

Here's my Desert Daze:

My Desert Daze fabric are, by far, the most ME, if that makes sense. They are the result of the creative process that can storm your brain with EUREKA!!! That's about how the Desert Daze fabrics started. I am now on the seventh warp of Desert Daze and most of the warps have been 70 yards on the loom at one time.

The first Desert Daze was truly a mixture of so many threads and fibers in the warp before the weaving ever started! They have all been Shadow Weave from the very start and so they are still today.

Though it is always complete machine washable and dryable, those first fabrics were a bit of on adventure!

Now, my Desert Daze is more uniform in the warp content and here's the theory:  As all weavers know, shadow weave is a structure where there is one light thread in the warp, then one darker thread, then continuing to alternate light and dark. I simply decide to gradually change the colors as they are matched with their "sand" counterparts. That's the plan and it has resulted in some very unique fabrics! Though the over-all colors have changed, the theory holds!

This yardage is from Series #5, which is the fifth 70 yard warp to be dressed on the loom (name Deedle... yes I name all my looms which you can visit by going to their names!).

This yardage is $29/yard or $.81/inch and is 100% Cotton. It is 36" wide from selvedge to selvedge and I have 42" of it left.

Of all my yards and yards woven of my Desert Daze, I only have 2 pieces of fabric left from Series #5 and I only have 5 pieces of fabric left from Series #6! Series #7 is just beginning and I don't have too many yardage pieces out there yet.

Here's one in the photos above and below:

I'll get more photos of this fabric soon and post them here.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in this fabric, it is $35/yard or .97/inch, is 35.5 inches wide from selvedge to selvedge and I have approximately 5.9 yards of it! If you want to pay via credit card, I can send you an invoice via email, so you can pay through PayPal. I can also take a check. This fabric is not yet listed in my Etsy Shop, but that'll happen soon!

Send me a comment or an email!

And, I have one more photo to share for now....Here's one idea for sewing my Desert Daze

I aligned my original pattern so that, when I wearing the jacket, the fabric (from Series #6) is oriented the same way that it is as I weave the fabric, so....

I have to earth at my right hand and on my left....the sky.

Thanks for visiting my Desert Daze...

Here's my Desert Nights:

My Desert Nights is inspired by the colors of absolute dusk and the colors that change and change again as the sun is setting. The colors in the sky change, the colors in the mountains and trees's like a tapestry that's alive and moving and setting up a new image and a new emotion in each minute that goes by.

I don't have much Desert Nights to show here because I can't keep it in stock just yet. I weave a good amount, go to a show and out it goes!

I'm the first one to say that "Success is work!", but I wish I had more to show. Here is another view:

This is my second time making this cloth as it was an order for a batch that was in my booth in Texas.

Well, it is just like me to start out a brand-new warp, a new concept and a new loom and what do I weave ON: Purrrrrple and Chartreuse!

Above is a photo that I put up on my FaceBook page at:
It has been fun on FaceBook and I try to post at least once a day. I still have so much to learn over there and I just love being here in my true home....this blog.

Here is a This-N-That from Jimmy. It's about all I have in stock right now!

Though I have a page that's titled "My Fun This-N-Thats", I want to show this here because this is all that's left of what was a sizeable length of yardage of my Desert Nights.

Thanks for visiting my rather humble collection of Desert Nights...more is coming soooooooon!


  1. Fascinating! Having that jacket really helps illustrate how the fabrics can be used, too. You are something else, Cat Brysch!